Laporte’s country-first changes are set for a backlash from clubs

Overturning a century of club-before-country is a difficult job, but the FFR’s Bernard Laporte has decided he’s the man to do it. I ask how…

Bernard Laporte, President of the French Rugby Federation (FFR) Gives A Press Conference In ParisThe president of the Fédération Française de Rugby (FFR) has unveiled plans to introduce central contracts as he seeks to overturn a century of club-before-country in France.

Since his election at the beginning of December 2016, Bernard Laporte has been issuing executive orders faster than Donald Trump on a high-caffeine-and-guarana diet. The long-planned national rugby stadium on the outskirts of Paris has been scrapped. Sponsorship has appeared on the French national kit for the first time, and will add €10million a year to FFR coffers.

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