Irish Examiner: ‘They’ll be ready for us, the fans’: Mike Prendergast has Racing forewarned for Thomond return

RacingcoachMikePrendergastSimonZeboNov19_largePhone interviews are generally quite easy – 10-15 minutes and you’re done. Getting there can be a problem – assuming you’ve got past the club guardian, aka the press officer.

I’ve had worse pre-chat troubles than the bad reception, last-minute meeting and parental taxi service requirement that preceded this one, but not many.

In the end, though, Racing 92’s attack and backs coach Mike Prendergast was great and generous to talk to. Hopefully it shows…

There is still just enough room in rugby’s hard-nosed professional age for a spark of romance — and tomorrow’s Munster-Racing reunion is special for one member of the French side’s coaching team.

Read the full article here

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