Irish Examiner: Fabien Galthie’s second album syndrome: Can France back up impressive 2020?

I always enjoy writing for the Examiner – and this piece on France ahead of the 2021 Six Nations was no exception.

It’s also – budding freelances – an example of a recycled idea. I’d earlier pitched it elsewhere, but it didn’t get picked up (I’m not going to say it was rejected, because they asked me to write a different article for them). So this was a pre-written pitch just waiting for someone to come asking for ideas.

The Examiner did the asking, I did the pitch copy-and-paste and here we are.

After a cautious, dare-we-hope welcome to Fabien Galthie’s new regime at the beginning of last year — French rugby media and fans have now gone all-in, writes James Harrington in Toulouse

Read the full article here

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