Non-rugby stuff

It’s not all rugby, you know. I write with authority on cricket, golf, Formula 1, and tennis. Not to mention TV and entertainment (where I started out mumblemumble years ago), media, travel, parenting, and lifestyle. I’ve even indulged in some copywriting. AND I can do page layout and sub-editing, too…

Anyway, here are a few bits and pieces:

Sport writing

How Sport Rescued My Relationship With My Son – for Kinbox

The Ryder Cup: Driving a new era of golf in France – for Canvas8

Feature writing

Renovating a chateau in Lautrec – for Living France magazine

My wife and I are atheists, but our daughter wants to be baptised Catholic – for The Guardian

Smartsubs: Why English is capturing hearts and tongues in France – for Canvas8

The Pont Vieux in Albi – for Equipment World’s Better Roads Magazine

Production journalism

Page design, sub-editing, web editing and writing for The Connexion


The Nissan UK website

The Etisalat (Nigeria) website

The Sportfolio Festival website – English language version

Narbonne Tourism Professional tour operators’ guide (PDF) – English language version